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Mr. Andrew
Moved in Januari 2023

We had no idea what to do exactly, but after informing ourselves through the website here, we were able to succesfully move from the Outback to the Netherlands. It was quite a trip, but worth the effort!

The Easiest Way to Find and Compare the Best Moving Companies

Organizing an international move is not an easy task and can easily become overwhelming. Are you desperately looking for some help? Let us find you the best international moving companies. You’ll just have to compare and make your choice, calmly at home.

Choosing an International Mover to Ensure a Stress-free Move

Whether you’re moving to a neighboring country or to another continent, moving with an international company No more hassle! You can focus on other time-consuming tasks, like paperwork for example.

Here are 3 reasons to choose a moving company for your international move:

  • Expertise: Simple question, why do you go to a hairdresser to cut your hair? Because they are experts and will do the job more efficiently than you! As simple as that.
  • Safety: The professional you are going to hire will have proper moving equipment and high-quality packing supplies. Say no to unpleasant surprises.
  • Accountability: All your possessions are in good hands and protected with an experienced international mover.

Who said finding international movers is complicated?

You have decided to hire an international moving company but have no idea how to start looking and comparing. We know how frustrating it can get – not only it is very time consuming, but also quite complicated. But how difficult can it be to find the right one for you? is an independent and reliable platform for international moving. Every year, we help over 100,000 expats ensure a smooth and hassle-free international move. You can be next!

How exactly does it work?

First, you have to fill our 3-steps online formno worries, it takes just 1 minute. After we have found and selected up to 5 international movers, you will receive an e-mail containing contact details for the professionals we’ve matched you with. International moving quotes will then appear in your mailbox within two working days. You can then decide whether to accept a quote or not. Easy, right?

And remember, our quote requesting service is 100% free and non-binding for you.

4 Steps to Choose the Best international Moving Company

Since 2004, we have developed into the most successful and experienced online platform in this industry. With our global network of over 500 qualified moving companies, we can give you advice on how to compare the different international movers and find your perfect match:

Moving Costs:

We can agree the most important factor when it comes to hiring a professional mover are the associated costs. Based on the budget you’ve decided, you can compare international movers to decide which one fits best with your needs. Requesting several quotes is the easiest way to get different rates to compare.

Moving Services:

You need an expert to move a very fragile item? Make sure to find the right international moving company to provide this service. Here’s the list of services you should also check:

  • Moving boxes: Is it provided by the mover? Is it part of the moving quote?
  • Packing and dismantling: Let the mover handle this part to avoid damage to your
  • Moving insurance: Make sure to discuss insurance with the movers to cover your precious items.

Client Reviews:

Checking the reviews is as important as comparing the costs and services. Research the international movers you’ve selected on different review platforms, read about the experience of former clients and give yourself a better idea on the professionals you’re comparing.

Quality certifications and networks:

Verify if the international mover you are checking is part of any moving association. Some of them requires their members to meet certain quality standards. Moving companies also need a specific permit to be able to move you. 2 steps to follow:

  1. Does the international mover have the NIWO permit? It is mandatory for moving companies in the Netherlands.
  2. Is the mover part of Erkende Verhuizers or FIDI?

How Much Does a Moving Company Cost in the Netherlands?

Whether you are moving to Europe, or overseas to Australia, your moving costs will depend on several factors. This table can help you get an estimate.

CountryAverage Costs
Belgium1000 – 2000 €
Denmark1500 – 3500 €
Germany1700 – 3400 €
Switzerland2000 – 3500 €
Portugal3900 – 5400 €
Sweden4000 – 9000 €
Canada4500 – 7500 €
America5000 – 8500 €
Australia5000 – 9000 €

Disclaimer: This table is simply an indication to help you know what to expect, it is still important to request moving quotes for more accurate rates.

What exactly are the factors that can influence moving costs?

  • The volume: The bigger the volume of your international removal, the more expensive the transport will be. We advise you to think carefully about which furniture you want to take with you.
  • The distance and route: The further away your international moving destination is, the higher the price of your move. Also, popular routes generally cost less.
  • The moving date: A good way to save on your international move is to be flexible regarding your moving date. The summer is usually busy for international movers, making it more expensive than the rest of the year.
  • The type of transport: Choosing sea freight for your international move often costs less than air freight – but also takes longer.
  • The services: Additional services such as packing or assembling will influence the cost of your move.

Choosing an International Mover Has Never Been So Easy!

No more hassle when choosing your international moving company. With the help of our services, your international move will be well-organised and comfortable.

  • Save time: Request up to 5 international removal quotes by filling our form. It only takes about two minutes!
  • Save money: Compare quotes from experienced international moving companies and pay up to 40% less for your international removal!
  • Move securely: Receive quotes only from qualified international movers specialized in your destination.
  • Be informed: Use our guides to receive valuable information on your international move and make it a pleasant experience!

We believe that your satisfaction is the biggest indicator of our success. Therefore, we are here to help you receive high quality services from international movers, without breaking the bank. If you need more information and tips on saving money and time, take a look at our moving tips.

We wish you the best of luck with your international move!